Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fwd: Follow your family/friends with your iPhone

> Apple just approved the "Family Tracker for iPhones" ... the first iPhone
> application that allows you to follow the location and movements of another
> iPhone.
> Would you like to know the recent locations of your friends and family?
> Would you like to know where they've been for the past few hours?
> We are offering the "Family Tracker" to the first 2,000 customers for free
> on the iTunes App Store:
> Now iPhone users will be able to see the current position of friends/family
> on a map and follow their movements throughout the day.
> The FamilyTracker combines the robust GPS functionality of the iPhone,
> internet mapping and the latest features of the iPhone 4.x platform.
> Uses include:
> * Know where family members are at any time.
> * Follow a child's movements daily.
> * Find lost or stolen phones.
> * Locate friends.
> Features include:
> * Locate iPhones and track their movements.
> * Permission based system allows/denies other iPhone users to follow you.
> * Secure solution that allows people to ONLY follow others they are
> authorized to see.
> Thanks!
> The Cell Phone Solutions Team
> If you do not to wish to receive future iPhone Tracking announcements,
> please go to:

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