Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fwd: Obama prods Congress to move quickly on jobs bill

 Obama prods Congress to move quickly on jobs bill

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Urging Congress to follow his lead, President Barack Obama on Tuesday lobbied lawmakers to adopt his $450 billion jobs plan, promising it would boost a hurting construction industry. Said Obama: "My question to Congress is, what on earth are we waiting for?"

From a high school in the critical electoral state of Ohio, Obama delivered a fiery speech to plug his plan. The audience was receptive to the point of adopting his refrain and chanting it back to him, shouting: "Pass this bill!"

The event had the feel of an Obama re-election event, right down to the music that played as Obama came out to speak, suit coat off and sleeves rolled up on a sunny day. He tailored his latest pitch to how his proposed legislation would help education, built around a $25 billion spending initiative for school renovations.

In Ohio alone, Obama said, the bill would create jobs for tens of thousands of constructions workers.

Yet Republican lawmakers who control the House flatly oppose his plans to pay for his plan by raising taxes on wealthier Americans


President Barack Obama tours classrooms at Fort Hayes Arts and Academic High School …

President Barack Obama greets students as the tours classrooms at Fort Hayes Arts …